Hygienic Regulations

Sanitary hygiene regulations for swimming pools and spas


At 1850 Urban Spa Barcelona we exceed the sanitary hygiene regulations. All swimming pools, especially indoor pools, need an exhaustive control in order to avoid infections by the bathroom, which is regulated by the Royal Decree. However, our pool glass cleaning protocols are more demanding than the regulations.

Despite everything, there is always a potential risk. The main risks are fungi, skin changes or eczema, changes in the vaginal flora, eye irritation. Ear or skin infections caused by the bacteria Pseudomonas aureaginosa, and Legionella.


To avoid all these possible contagions, our pool has an automated control and correction system, which works permanently disinfecting the water with bromine.


In addition, our staff makes continuous measurements of the water to see if the state of pH and Bromine is optimal. Thus, we check the parameters in two different ways. We also measure the relative humidity of the air, CO2, and turbidity.


Finally, we are proud to have a company that helps us in the maintenance of all the machines in the water area, which is SOLATEP.


The water analyzes are carried out by the Echevarne laboratories.


All these measurements and analyzes are kept in a pool maintenance book, which any client can request to see and thus ensure that they can enjoy the bath without risks.


All pools and spas must have this record book and must carry out the indicated analyzes to comply with health regulations.


The parameters to be respected are the following:

  • Bromine : must be between the values of 2 and 5 mg / l
  • PH : must be between 7.2 and 8
  • CO2 : the difference between exterior and interior not greater than 500 pm.
  • Temperature : must not exceed 36º
  • Turbidity : maximum 5.00 ntu

All these measurements experience variations depending on the influx of public and can be altered, so it is important to control them and correct these values.