Has been designed to offer a moment of being in the middle of the city. Do not miss the opportunity to surprise, in an unique way, the most important person in your life. 


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Magic Experience 180′ – Gift Card


(Price for couple)

Experience with the 1850 Urban Spa Barcelona brand of excellence. We propose the best plan with romantic dinner ever imagined: relaxing, fun, healthy and maximum intimacy to come to enjoy as a couple in the heart of Barcelona.

The experience begins with a massage of 60 minutes to choose, accompanied by 30 minutes of a reflexology treatment (to work the points and energy channels), a facial treatment (which will return light to your face leaving the skin clean and fresh), craniofacial massage or the option to extend the time of the initial massage.

At the end of the massages, the romantic experience continues in the Spa. Magic Experience will allow you to enjoy the exclusive use of the Spa area, for an hour and a half you can relax in privacy on the water circuit and enjoy the sauna and hammam. 1850 Urban Spa Barcelona will serve you a romantic dinner with an exclusive assortment of sushi and accompanied by a bottle of cava.

60 min. Massage to choose from
30 min. Reflexology, Facial Treatment, Craniofacial Treatment or time increase of the initial massage.
90 min. private SPA. Access to the SPA is exclusive for the couple.
Romantic dinner with an exclusive assortment of sushi.
Bottle of cava / champagne

Godica Chocolates

All services included for 2 people.

You can download the gift voucher after payment. Expires 365 days after purchase.

Accompany your gift with this elegant skin effect box where it will include a card with the purchased massage.

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