Has been designed to offer a moment of being in the middle of the city. Do not miss the opportunity to surprise, in an unique way, the most important person in your life. 


Monday 11:00–21:00
Tuesday 11:00–21:00
Wednesday 11:00–21:00
Thursday 11:00–21:00
Friday 11:00–21:00
Saturday 11:00–21:00
Sunday 11:00–21:00
Rules of the center

Reservations must be made directly by email, at the address info@spa1850.com.
We will be happy to inform you of any question by phone or email. However, appointment confirmations are always made via email.
We suggest you make your reservation as far in advance as possible. This will allow us to offer you greater availability of schedules, especially when it is about private events.

We recommend that you arrive at the Spa 15 minutes before the appointment, so that you can get changed and avoid unnecessary delays.
If the customer arrives late, the center disclaims all responsibility. It will not be possible to extend the planned treatment time, in order to avoid harming the subsequent reserves.

Capacity and exclusive reservation
The water area has a maximum capacity of 8 people simultaneously. The maximum capacity special for groups is 14 people.
To enjoy a private event, the minimum number of people is 6. In case there are less than 6 people to the appointment, you will lose the exclusivity of the space.
All members of the event must do a massage, or pay and minimum amount of massage and spa.

Cancellation policy

To cancel a booking, we advise you to contact the centre. Our cancellation policy is as follows:

– 5 days before: you will be allowed to change the date of the reservation
– 4 days before: it will be allowed to change the date of the reservation with a cost of 5% of the contracted service.
– 72 hours before: it will be allowed to change the date of the reservation with a cost of 10% of the contracted service.
– 48 hours in advance: the deposit will be forfeited if no notice is given

In no case will there be a refund of the deposit made.

Gift Vouchers
The Spa offers gift vouchers, as well as treatment vouchers and specific programs. Spa gift vouchers can not be redeemed for money or any other service provided.
Gift vouchers are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.

Personal Value Items
Please take care of your personal belongings, there are lockers available to the customer. The center is not responsible for the loss or theft of your personal belongings. We advise you not to bring valuables. In case you bring an object that can be lost, leave it at the locker or if you prefer, at reception.

The center has massages and treatments specially designed for pregnant women.
We will be happy to help you choose the most suitable treatment.
The use of the SPA water zone has some contraindications for pregnant women, please tell us your status at the reception where you will receive the appropriate advice.

Minimum age
The minimum age allowed for the use of the Spa is 16 years if the minor is accompanied by his/her parents.

Use of facilities
In the Spa area there should be an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony. We ask customers to speak in a low tone of voice, not to maintain telephone conversations and to keep the maximum respect for the rest of users.
All users must have swimsuits, flip-flops and towels to access the circuit.
The center will provide a towel and a pair of disposable flip-flops per person. We also have swimsuits for loan and sale.
It is mandatory to shower before entering the jacuzzi, as well as after the use of any of the saunas.
The entrance to the Spa is not allowed with clothes or street shoes, nor with food or drink from the outside.
No dives or games are allowed in the jacuzzi.
In all the Spa area and the rest of facilities is prohibited to maintain any kind of activity or sexual relation.
We ask you to ensure at all times the cleanliness and hygiene of the facilities. Always use litter bins for any disposable material.
After completing the circuit, please deposit the used towel in the baskets assigned for it in the locker rooms.

Admission and respect of standards
The center reserves the right of admission and will not be allowed access to persons in a state of intoxication or under the effects of narcotic drugs.
The staff of the center controls compliance with the rules and has the right to call attention to people who do not comply with them. If the infraction persists, people will be invited to leave the premises.
All persons who access the center accept the operating rules of the same.

Damages to the Instalations
Damage to the spa facilities by clients will result in no refund of any treatments.