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1850 Urban Spa Barcelona Has been designed to offer a moment of relax and wellness in the city of Barcelona. Services for couples Do not miss the opportunity to surprise, in a unique way, the most important person in your life. Discover our experiences We have designed our experiences to transport you to a wonderful place where peace and silence reign.


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Measures taken by 1850 Urban Spa Barcelona to provide a safe service against coronavirus

Is it safe to go to 1850 Urban SPA Barcelona?

Our SPA is, since our beginnings more than 5 years ago, a place constantly cleaned thoroughly. Due to the current situation, we have designed disinfection protocols in the massage booths, changing rooms and SPA area, as well as in all common areas, which will be applied before, during and after all the services we offer by our team.

What services do you offer?

We offer all the massages in the menu with some slight changes, focused on satisfying the health demands. Temporarily, we have excluded from the menu the Candle Massage, the Hot Stone Massage, the 30 minute facial and the Electrotherapy treatment.

What are the previous steps to enjoy a treatment with you?

Due to the situation we are all going through, the service will require a previous appointment, and a payment made by internet. As always, we will be at your entire disposal to facilitate any resolution to your doubts or problems you may have. 

Once you have selected the treatment and scheduled your appointment, it would be advisable to take your temperature before leaving home. If it is higher than 37.5 degrees, we will reschedule your appointment for at least 14 days, by means of a call, a whatsapp or an email without any problem or penalty.


When you arrive at the SPA, the person in charge of reception will take your temperature using a laser thermometer, without any contact, and then you can have the massage or treatment of your choice. We will provide you with single-use flip-flops, as well as clean towels in case you want to use the changing room or our SPA area, or we will give you a clean wet towel for before and after the service, in case you do not want to use either our changing room or our SPA area.

Is it safe for me to get a massage or a facial treatment?

Yes, we disinfect the massage tables before and after each use, as well as all the material necessary for that treatment; oils and other products for body use are not reused.

In short, all material is disinfected before and after each treatment (including the therapists’ clothes), or is used only once (in the case of disposables).

Is it safe to use the changing rooms?

Yes, we have a total of 2 changing rooms, with a total of 30 lockers and 4 showers, plus a wash basin for each changing room. We will assign you a closed and previously disinfected locker only for you, and in compliance with our protocols and regulations, we will clean and disinfect them before and after each use.

You do not use as many disposables as in other establishments. Why?

The main concern of 1850 Urban Spa is the well-being and safety of the clients. However, we are fully aware that the massive use of plastics can cause a footprint on the environment.

The material that cannot be introduced into the sterilizers is cleaned in our facilities, where we can better control the process and avoid contagion by transport. We carry out a 6-phase washing process with products studied to clean without being harmful to nature.

However, as a customer you can have the disposables that you think are more convenient in the treatment.

Is it safe to use the SPA facilities?

The Jacuzzi is an absolutely safe area, because the water treatment is continuous and the control is done by physical and chemical methods. The water is disinfected with bromine, which is more effective than chlorine.

There are areas that are more difficult to clean after each use, such as the saunas, and others that are impossible to control, such as the ice area, which is why they will remain closed temporarily. The jacuzzi area is totally safe, as it contains disinfectant that is not harmful to the human body or the skin, which eliminates any kind of viral danger. In addition, the areas of the SPA will be cleaned after each service with the solutions indicated by the health authorities.

In addition, our common areas will be constantly ventilated both naturally and with an air conditioning system.

What safety measures are taken with the employees?

Our staff will take the temperature before and after each working day, keeping a record of it. If they show symptoms, they will be referred to medical attention and the guidelines set by the corresponding health service will be followed. 

In addition, it is important to emphasize that all the working staff will wash their hands before, and disinfect them with hydroalcoholic solution, during and after each massage. We are also pleased to indicate that all our team has at their disposal individual protection material that includes masks, gloves, goggles, visors and various uniforms, all of which comply with the certifications required for a safe environment.

What safety measures are taken into account in the massage?

In addition to the cleaning protocols, our team is trained to minimize any type of risk; among many other details, we include the fact of performing the massage with masks, as far away from the client’s mouth as possible, or modifying certain steps that involved a lot of contact with the client.

You (as well as all the staff of 1850 Urban SPA Barcelona) must follow the regulations described by the Government regarding sanitary conditions at all times and if you wish, you can perform the massage with gloves, as well as receive the massage with your mask without any problem.

Can I have a massage with my partner?

As long as neither of you has a fever or symptoms related to Covid-19, there is no problem, as you would be considered as a family unit and we assume that you live in the same family home.

I have a check and it has expired. What can I do?

Due to the exceptional situation, we have extended the validity of gift vouchers and cancelled appointments until 30 September 2020. Contact us and we will attend to your case.

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